Friday, December 19, 2008

GIST St. Louis Ofically Certified as 501C3


GIST St. Louis Officially Certified as 501c3

On November 7th GIST St. Louis changed its name to GIST Foundation of St. Louis after receiving 501c3 state certification from Robin Carnahan, Secretary of the State of Missouri. In so doing, the GIST Foundation of Saint Louis will continue its mission of GIST cancer advocacy, education, support and awareness to those in the greater St. Louis region affected by GIST on a “non-profit” operating basis.

The GIST Foundation of Saint Louis can now accept donations on a non-profit basis and will remit a receipt to all those donating to support our mission. 2009 programs are being planned and donations will be vital to the success for the foundations ability to execute them.

More information on 2009 programs will follow, until then please consider a 2008 year-end donation to the GIST Foundation of Saint Louis

Until our website is finished please mail your donations one of two ways:

1) Commerce Bank
c/o GIST Foundation of Saint Louis
10010 Watson Road
Saint Louis, MO 63126-1829


2) GIST Foundation of Saint Louis
11817 Sunlind Drive
Saint Louis, MO 63127

Make checks payable to “GIST Foundation of Saint Louis”

Please allow 2 weeks for a donation receipt from the GIST Foundation of Saint Louis confirming your donation amount and date.

Thank you for your enormous generosity in allowing the GIST Foundation of Saint Louis to carry out its mission of love to all our fellow GIST’ers.

Happiest and most blessed Holidays to you and yours!

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